Marine Wireless Security System


Want to be able to monitor your boat's whereabouts, electrical condition and more from anywhere, anytime?

DOKENSIP has the answer.

Dokensip is a world-leading marine security system that can protect your boat from theft and vandalism. It’s the perfect solution for anyone who wants to keep their boat safe and secure.

The Dokensip system is easy to use – you can control it from your phone, tablet or desktop. And it’s packed with features that will give you peace of mind, including tracking, electrical sensors and automatic alerts if someone tries to break in.

Know instantly when an item is removed from your boat.
Ideal for outboard engines, life rafts, kayaks, SUP's & dinghies.

Your Dokensip marine alarm system benefits:

  • Mobile application

  • WEB App

  • Gas sensor

  • Battery sensor

  • Tracking

  • Geo-Fence

  • Wireless

It's an ideal device for all boat owners, captains and boat maintainers…etc.
Trust your DOKIE and stop worrying about your boat's security.

All the updated information on the status of your boat at your fingertips in our app.

Much more than a boat alarm system...

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dokensip-app evo for marine security system and boat alarm

Dokensip Important Features

Status of your boat

Thanks to DOKENSIP and its sensors you can know the status of your boat at any time.

Alert management

Decide who you want the alerts to reach, you can establish up to three contacts.


Easy fuss free installation.

Wireless technology.


Create a virtual geographic boundary that triggers an alert if your vessel leaves the designated area

Multidevice management applications

You can check the status of your boat from any device - phone tablet or computer.


You will know the position of your boat at all times, even track and record the routes you have made in the last month


With Dokies, boat alarms are treated as warnings, each Dokie is like a wireless programmable fob key.

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dokensip marine alarms by marine electrician pittwater

The Dokensip App in Action!

Dokensip EVO app is available at any app store.

You can download a demo version to try for yourself.

Go to your favourite app store


Username : evodk

Password : demo


Dokensip Placement On Your Boat

dokensip marine alarms by marine electrician pittwater

Marine Alarm Installation or DIY

Bluewater Power Boats can supply and install your new Dokensip state of the art marine security system for you giving you complete peace of mind on the status of your boat.

Or if you prefer to DIY,
we have comprehensive videos and
instructions that will walk you through the installation process of your new security system

Much more than a boat alarm system...